We are currently building the first of a new series of websites to help small business cost effectively promote themselves to their potential customers in their local community.

The first of these sites is

Focused around Redlands City, this website is designed to professionally list local business, services and trades alongside local community information to enable residents and visitors to the area find and discover local business that they may otherwise have never known about. The website will be unique in a number of ways.

Quality Listings

Out primary focus for the site is to have business listings of the highest quality. This is to ensure that users of the site find all they need to know about a business and have a positive experience using the site. For this reason, all listings feature professional photography with the option of professional video footage and a certain amount of information about the business such as opening hours, menus, pricing, location etc.

Our editors will ensure that every business has this information included before a listing is made live on the site.

Local Content

Our site will also include local content provided by locals in the community. Active clubs and associations in the area can submit news and information to be included on the site to ensure a rich and diverse collection of information. We are also utilising our own in house team to produce content and information pieces on the website. These will also be developed to feature prominently local business already listed on our site. For Example, we are developing a series on what the islands in the redlands have to offer...this feature will be an opportunity for us to take business serving this area and feature them in the article. 

Launch Offers

Businesses will be divided into major categories including Food & Drinks, Accommodation, Things to Do, Trades & Services. We are currently looking for businesses to be a part of the launch of this website with discounted production services and free listings. If you are interested in being a part of this site when it launches, contact us today.